What to Know When Finding a Place to Live in NYC

Moving to New York City can present many challenges. Some of the things to be concerned about are housing, transportation, and a place of employment. There is also the problem of meeting new neighbors and making friends. Restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment are also things that need to be considered.

A Place to Live

Finding an apartment is the first thing that you should do. Most places will require a lease, and they will be quite expensive. You might even have to go through a broker to find a place to stay.

Finding Work

Besides the usual way of sending resumes, applying online, and walking into businesses, meeting people might turn up the best leads. Parks, coffee shops, and social clubs are all great places to meet future employers. Doing volunteer work can also help you meet people that can lead you to a great job.


Getting around in New York City is another area that needs to be addressed. The bus system, taxis, and Uber drivers are all an option. However, these can all be very expensive. The bus system is reliable but very slow. Buying a monthly pass for the subways can save a lot if you plan on using them very much. You will need to learn the routes and schedules they have. A bicycle could also be a good choice if the distance isn’t very far. Driving a car in rush hour traffic is almost impossible.


There are very diverse cultures that spread throughout the city. This is where you will find a blend of cultures from most countries in the world. A lot of neighborhoods have foods, art, music, and other styles from the country they originated from. This is what makes New York one of the best cities in the world to live in.


New York is actually a combination of several sub-cities. Picking the right area for your type of living should be considered before moving. These places include Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx. There are several hundred thousand people that commute to Manhattan for work every day.


This is one of the best qualities of New York City. There are places like the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and Coney Island. Restaurants, street entertainment, and nightclubs are scattered throughout the city including Madison Square Gardens and other places for shows. New York is also home to many professional and college sports teams.

Very Noisy

New York City is a very noisy place. There is a huge nightlife that you will have to learn to deal with. During the day the city is alive with commuters and the restaurants that serve them.

Moving to New York will be more of a success when you have everything properly planned. You need to be prepared for the people, noise, and the climate. Summers will be hot, and winters can bring extreme cold and massive amounts of snow. Knowing where you are staying will determine much of the type of culture you will interact with.

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